5S Technology App

Now that you have gone to the trouble of 5S’ing the workshop, now you have to sustain it.
The final “S” can often be the most challenging.
But we have the solution. We currently have under development an app that will take care of this for you.

Maintains the 5S Standard Inspection and Conformance

Maintains the 5S standard.
Inspection & conformance

New Tooling Slide Show

New tooling slide show

Asset Register

Asset register

5S Inspection and conformance monitoring:

Using an app on your phone, you can walk up to an area:

  • Shows you a picture of how the area should look.
  • Allows you to take a picture of how it currently looks.
  • Allows you to make notes for improvement.
  • Allows to instantly email your findings to the relevant parties. I.E supervisors, safety rep, engineering, TA, coordinators etc.

Forces people to walk around to the different locations – no more tick and flicks. Significant time saving by instantly emailing stakeholders. Email trail of conformance.

5S Inspection and Conformance App
Tooling Images Slideshow
New tooling slideshow

Take pictures of new tooling, recent projects, workshop achievements & initiatives, add text and now you have a slideshow that you can put on a TV screen for information sharing at the toolstore. Educating personnel while they wait.

No more new (expensive) tooling sitting unused on the shelf because people don’t know it exists.
Provides education to new and existing personnel on new purchases. Improves moral as personnel can see the changes being made in the workshop.

Asset register monitoring

Take pictures of assets, input asset numbers, add technical drawing, quotes, vendor contacts and now you have a register that can monitor, track and replace all your assets.

Allows your assets to be placed on a register allowing you to track and log your assets.

Asset Register Monitoring via Photos