We are a maintenance workshop consultancy company who incorporates the 5S methodology and principles into transforming the layout, flow and efficiency of the workshop.

The 5S model for workplace efficiency and organization is both powerful and simple. It has the potential to transform your company into a safe and productive environment.

If each of your fitters spends just 1 hour looking for equipment, that could cost you 30-40 hours of lost labour each day , equating to $600K – $800K of lost machine availability every day. The longer you can keep the fitters on the job, the quicker that asset can be back in production. That’s why the methodology of 5s and keeping the

things you use the closest, can save the businesses millions of dollars every year.

With over 20 years’ experience in workshop environments, 10 of those years in mining and 3 of those in project management and process improvement, I know all too well the lost productivity and frustrations caused by a poorly planned out & poorly maintained workshop. When machine availability can run into the tens of thousands of dollars per hour, every hour counts.

Our mission is to reduce downtime, increase availability and ultimately maximise profits by accessing and improving the flow of the workshop and its day-to-day activities.


Using innovative new ideas, 5S methodology and technology we aim to improve the layout, flow and efficiency of the workshop and create a more visually stimulating environment.

Upon completion of a site visit you will be provided with a detailed action plan of suggestions and improvements for your consideration.
Are you and your supervisors too busy to implement such change? Why not let us manage the whole thing for you?

5S Solutions Process