5S in A Workshop

5S Implementation in the Workshop

5S is a methodology for management and workplace organisation that has been implemented by many of the most successful companies in the world. It’s the first step in achieving six sigma and operational excellence. It’s a set of five principles to create a clean, organised, and efficient work environment.

Ideal Method for Efficiency and Organisation

The 5S model for workplace efficiency and organisation is powerful and simple. It can transform your company into a safe and productive environment. 5S Solutions & Management offers specialised and customised 5S consulting design solutions to keep the workplace clean and tidy. The 5S principles are:

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Remove unneeded items

  • Be ruthless
  • Quarantine undecided items
  • Throw away items you do not use
  • Relocate infrequently used items

The goal is to eliminate all unused tools and materials to create a clutter-free, spacious and safe work area. It can be as simple as keeping the items you use the most closest to you, moving less frequently used items further away and discarding the items you no longer require.

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Set in Order

A place for everything, and everything in its place

  • Put items in the order you use them
  • Keep the items you use most often closest to you.
  • Give items an identifiable location
  • Ensure missing tooling is easy to identify.

The goal here is to create a standardised way of storing items, keeping the most used items closest. Clear, visible signage allows personnel to locate items quickly and easily identify missing items.

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Keep equipment clean

  • Everything looks better when it’s clean
  • Cleaning equipment creates the opportunity to inspect and service equipment simultaneously
  • Personnel naturally take better care of clean, newer-looking items
  • Faults are easily identified when items are clean
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Make it all the same

  • Personnel become familiar with the layout
  • Efficiency through familiarity
  • Improved housekeeping standards
  • Improved maintenance and conformance

This utilises easy-to-follow schedules and checklists to ensure each step is followed similarly for consistency and efficiency.

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Keep it looking good

  • Regular audits
  • Clear signage showing expectations
  • Create a culture of caring
  • Enable longevity from your equipment

Now that all the hard work has been done, you only need to sustain it. This can also be the most challenging step. Standards inevitably start to slip over time, this is where you need diligence.

Transform Your Workshop

We aim to make the entire process of 5S implementation much more effective. Speak to us to learn more about the power of 5S and how it can transform your workshop. We train employees in the principles, how to assign roles and responsibilities, set up cleaning and organising schedules, and regularly review and improve the system.