Existing workshops:

How many man hours are lost due to personnel not being able to find the correct piece of equipment? Rescheduling because the job can’t be done safely, or equipment is broken? Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into the workshop and see a place for everything, and everything in its place?

A little planning and better space utilization can have a significant improvement on productivity, efficiency and even moral. How can you expect personnel to keep the workshop clean when no one knows where anything goes? Let’s give it a home, lets clearly identify the area and what goes in it. Let’s label the equipment with the location so anyone can work out where it lives and put it back. Let’s keep personnel on the job by putting what they need most within arm’s reach. 

Let’s reduce the waste, increase the efficiency and make the workshop an enjoyable place to work again.

Workshop 5S & efficiency consultancy:
  • Utilise existing space more efficiently
  • Position relevant equipment closest to where it’s needed
  • Create a better flowing workshop
  • Create a more organized environment
Layout Planning and B4 Overview
Equipment storage areas
  • Equipment specific to job (ie. truck service bay)
  • Colour zoned
  • Asset pictures on the ground
  • Return to location signage
  • All equipment has asset numbers
  • All equipment on asset registers
  • Guide bars to stop rollaway and cyclone prep
  • Looks clean
  • Easily identified locations
  • Easy to identify missing equipment
  • Platforms can be secured in minutes
Gas Storage Containers
  • Min / max signage to reduce over ordering
  • Allow cylinder to be kept on pallets – reduces manual handling
  • Separation between empty and full cylinders
  • Meets mines regs for combustible gas seperation
  • Ramps provide easy access – less manual handling
Gas Storage Containers
Silver Zone Tooling Storage Racks
Tooling storage racks
  • Looks tidy and organized
  • Keeps tooling together in one cage
  • Signage shows picture of tooling & map of return location
  • Reduces manual handling
  • Racks are certified and load rated.
  • Safety yellow reduce collision risk.
Workshop painting
  • Reinvigorates faded / tired workshops
  • Easily identified walkways and safe zones
  • Bolt together handrails allow flexibility to remove / replace if damaged
  • Easily identified clear zones
Workshop's Newly Painted Platform Floor

Improve Productivity with a LEAN / 5S Workplace

Whether you have an existing facility or you’re building a new one? Design a layout that will keep the workplace looking clean, tidy and running more efficiently with ease. Incorporating the 5S methodology and principles will reduce waste, downtime and frustration while improving safety and morale.

Achieve operation excellence with a Workshop Efficiency Plan

A well organised workplace reduces waste, ensures equipment is maintained, assets are registered, equipment is where it’s needed and it is sustainable. We can assist with the following:

Layout Planning

  • Sets the workshop up for flow and efficiency.
  • Creates equipment-specific areas close to where they are needed
  • Reduces manual handling and downtime by having equipment close by.
  • Eliminate wasted time looking for equipment
Layout Planning and B4 Overview

Purpose built / dual purpose tooling and equipment

To work safely and efficiently, you need the right tools for each job. We design and procure specialist tooling, equipment or platform. All engineer-certified and Australian-compliant.

  • Housekeeping stations
  • Workstation station / tool cabinets
  • Bin carriers
  • Ladders and platforms
  • Tool lockers
  • Storage cabinets / Gas containers
Shop Workbench


We provide custom signage for safety, information sharing and 5S conformance. Not only is signage informative, but vibrant signage also elevates a dull and drab workshop.

  • Safety signage
  • Equipment storage location signage
  • Information signage
  • Welcome signage

Office signage

MME Markup for New and Existing Workshop Builds

Workshop Painting

  • Reinvigorates faded or tired-looking workshops.
  • Demarcate walkways and safe zones.
  • Bolt together handrails allowing flexibility to be removed or replaced if damaged.
  • Easily identified clear zones.
Workshop's Newly Painted Workspace Floor

We Supply Customised Solutions

Learn more about 5S and how it can change your workshop. We understand your environment. We understand how each workshop is different, how dynamic it is and how its requirements change depending on the fleet’s lifecycle. There is no ‘one size fits all’ plan. We offer customised and unique solutions to assist you in achieving a visually stimulating and well-organised workshop.