Building A New Workshop?

Why not incorporate the 5S methodology and principles into the design making a more efficient and productive workshop from the beginning?
Setting up each bay with the appropriate tooling and platforms will reduce the time personnel are looking for equipment increasing productivity and reducing downtime. Toolstores designed for easy access to consumables and high frequency tooling increases the time personnel are on the job.
HME and LME segregation provides safety and clearly defined pedestrian walkways ensuring personnel and visitors know where you can walk, and where you can’t. Giving assets clearly signed locations will ensure they are returned from day one.

Our 5S inspection software will ensure that the areas are maintained, assets are logged onto the register and any missing or damaged assets are quickly and easily replaced. We can assist with:

Layout planning

  • Sets the workshop up for flow and efficiency from the Beginning.
  • Creates equipment specific area that are close to work areas
  • Provides detailed list of required equipment
  • Reduces manual handling and downtime by having equipment nearby
Layout Planning and B4 Overview

Equipment & Platform Procurement
To truly work safely, you need the right tool for the right job. We have the contacts and experience to design and procure any specialist tooling, equipment or platforms you may need. All engineered certified and Australian compliant.

  • Workshop benches
  • Bin carriers
  • Platforms and ladders
  • Housekeeping stations
  • Workstations
  • Tool lockers
  • Storage cabinets
Tooling and Platform Concept in The New Workshop

How do people put things back when they don’t know where they go? How do you ensure people know what to do, what to wear and where to go in all the different situations? Signage can be a powerful tool for conformance and efficiency. We can provide custom signage for safety, information sharing and 5S conformance. Not only is signage informative, but vibrant signage can also lift a dull and drab workshop.

  • Safety signage
  • Equipment storage location signage
  • Information signage
  • Welcome signage
  • Office signage
MME Markup for New and Existing Workshop Builds

Workshop Painting

  • Reinvigorates faded / tired workshops
  • Easily identified walkways and safe zones
  • Bolt together handrails allow flexibility to remove / replace if damaged
  • Easily identified clear zones
Workshop's Newly Painted Workspace Floor